Google announced the launch of a new change in its algorithm and called it “broad core algorithm update”, which means that possibly curves are coming. It should be noted that the changes are made day by day, but only two or three times a year are transcendental.

Google Core Web Vitals Algorithm

For this reason, we must be aware of the updates they make and act in favor of our websites. An algorithm change means new rules. Some websites benefit, others suffer underperformance. Marketers and SEO specialists should focus on three work areas to adjust their keyword positioning strategies. …

Providing value to your client is vital to the accomplishment of your business also, is the “shrouded” mystery to making more sales. Be that as it may, what, precisely, does providing value mean, and how can it recognize your business from your rivalry during this COVID-19 pandemic situation?

Maria Johnsen

Value Marketing approaches the relationship between your clients and your business as a value-driven process. You will likely discover a match between the type of value your potential clients are searching for and the value your own business offers.

Now, what is that thing that the clients your business serves really need…

Covid-19 has been a blessing in disguise in regards to improvements in climate change, economic growth for some online small business owners especially within health sector and digital goods. Consumers around the world have no choice but buying online instead of going to department stores and purchase whatever they need. Companies like Amazon made online grocery shopping available in certain countries.

Increase Sales of Products and Services

As for health many private clinics in Europe and North America have seen a magnificent economic growth. Let’s take health in Norway as an example. Daniel Sørli Co-founder and CEO of Dr.Dropin …

Although Google is a valuable resource being the largest search engine available, there are issues with the news service and knowledge panel they provide. Changes to the Google search engine are normally announced using outside news sources. This can be problematic because many of these sources use secondhand information that may be speculation and not accurate reporting.

Maria Johnsen

What makes this issue so annoying is that Google makes an incredible profit yet chooses not to have its own news organization. I am not talking about Google news site. Why it does not have public announcements that details changes in its algorithm…

Securing systems is essential when it comes to cybersecurity. A cybersecurity A.I system must be able to identify any unusual event, activity and create a protection pattern against it. I am talking about creating an unsupervised Blockchain A.I and machine learning wheel within wheel in the system which makes it unhackable. It is equipped with deep learning and deep mind.

Maria Johnsen’s books on A.I and Blockchain

How I came up with this solution? A few years ago I created link wheel SEO and made it a trend online and on social media. I used to announce what methods work in SEO via social media especially on…

What is the Section 168 k Film Deduction?

Until the passage of the Tax Cut and Jobs Act, tax deductions for television shows and movies were under Section 181 in the federal tax code. That has been replaced by Section 168 k, a new set of laws that provides for a 100% tax deduction for television series and feature films that are in their first year of distribution.

The Section 168 k Film Deduction

As the entertainment industry has changed, the provisions in Section 181 became outdated. Section 168 k represents advancement in tax law, although it is more complex compared to its predecessor. And while…

While there is always someone arguing that movies were better in the old days, the drop in quality over the past decade has been noticeable. While the exceptional films are still quite compelling, for the most part movies focus less on storytelling, cinematography, and acting. The emphasis these days seems to be more on effects, such as CGI, and creating a memorable moment rather than telling a good story.

Golden Way Media Films

It’s becoming more common to see A-list actors associated with big-budget films that do not have the same level of quality today as they would have 10 to 20 years ago…

This is an audacious journey to the world of Darknet!

Darknet or deep web is a private network of portals, chat rooms and forums. These are hidden from the view of search engines and regular web visitors due to privacy and security.

Deep Web

In clear net, there are three main ways that people can track a company or person online such as:

- Cookies: these are small piece of script that websites inject in your browser when you visit their sites.

- IP address: This is an Internet address of your computer which is necessary to have in order to exchange…

Channel marketing has different definitions. It can be explained a process of getting new associates to facilitate the distribution of products from the manufacturer to the end-user. It is quite rare to find manufactures handling the distribution of the products they manufacture personally. In most cases, they tend to rely on the use of intermediaries to make their goods available to the buyers.

Businesses will always want to expand and they all focus on different channels to market their products and services. But what is number one problem with 99% of them?

There are many businesses that manufacture and put…

A job interview is the classic process of finding the right candidate for a position. Companies spend thousands of dollars, Euros and Pounds of their annual budgets every year for job announcements, recruiters ‘ expenses and processes, but 99% of them still can’t find the right match for the job. Hiring recruiters is very expensive in developed countries and the majority use the same useless job interview processes which won’t give them the right results.

Maria Johnsen

Hiring is the most disliked process at companies. Each application gets more than 200 candidates for only one job. Who are these people? Long term…

Maria Johnsen

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